Unfamiliar Place

My whole life feels like

I am driving home

from the bank that is

just a mile from my home.

I go there all the time,

but I’m in a rush today so

I take a different route.

I’m now lost in some place,

a neighborhood I don’t know,

turning again and again

down roads never seen.

I told myself keep going

but now I’m stuck in

an unfamiliar place

and I have no idea how I got here

and I don’t have the energy

to try and get out again.


When an Experience Becomes a Memory

I have an insatiable desire

to explore this grand world,

but I don’t want to do it alone.

Nature can be an experience,

but when experienced with

someone you love deeply,

it becomes so much more.

It becomes a shared memory

and a building block in the

foundation of the life

you are trying to build together.

SO yes, I will go find that waterfall

all by myself if I have to,

but I find secrets are more fun

when you have someone to share them with


Loving you comes to me

the way waves do as they

connect with the side of a boat,

crashing over and over.

I anticipate the connection,

as I see nothing but waves

coming from miles all around me;

knowing the feelings

will rock my boat back and forth

as the little moments

of love crest on the next wave,

getting ready to rock my world

again and again

leaving me little time to prepare

for the next overwhelming bout

before the next one hits.

There are highs and lows

and no way off the ship.

I am stuck between waves

asking myself

“he loves me?

he loves me not”

time after time.

And as much as I love the highs

and salty breeze in my hair,

I am getting seasick

and am longing for a harbor.

Every Mile Between Us

After a twelve hour drive

I could truly feel

every mile between us.

Leaving was already hard,

but feeling myself get

further and further from you

hurt more than I ever

thought it would; thought it could.

700 miles doesn’t feel that far

until you actually travel it

and have to race away

putting every mile between us.

Before my trip,

the distance was but nothing

but now 700 miles feels

impossibly far away.

And far as it feels,

at least distance is measurable.

The real pain comes from

how far into time it will be

until I see you again.

Because that is something

that I just don’t know.


My Soul is Awake

My soul is awake

and how could it not be?

How can I tell it that

it needs to go to sleep

knowing perfectly well

that you and your soul

are a walking distance away?

It’s not every day that

my soulmate comes home

and everything feels

right in the world again.

How do I tell my soul

to calm back down

knowing perfectly well

that for the first time

in a long time, you are

an arms reach away.

As much as I want to sleep,

I want to hold you in

my arms far more than that.

My soul is awake

and I cannot quiet it

knowing that I just want

to be with you again.