What Are We?

I’m tired of the game

and trying to explain

just how you hurt me.


With all of your words

I’m split into thirds

thinking what are we?


Your power you flaunt;

don’t know what you want.

You keep changing your key.


You’re back and you’re forth

What is my worth?

Baby, what are we?


You’re up and You’re down

I’m flipped around;

a ship lost at sea.


You’re always my choice

but I’m losing my voice.

What about me?


Decide our plot.

Want this or not?

What are we?

Love is Taken for Granted

Love is taken for granted.

People just don’t understand

How fortunate they are now

To hold one another’s hand.

Some people aren’t that lucky.

Not everyone has that chance.

It’s hard to find a soul mate.

It is hard to find romance.


Love is taken for granted.

People don’t always see

That nothing lasts forever-

Love leaves just as easily.

Easy come and easy go,

Heartbroken and alone.

What you then took for granted

Has turned your heart to stone.


Love is taken for granted.

People don’t always know

How easy it would be for

a person to just let go.

Remember every joy;

Every moment that you make.

Love isn’t always given

But someone will always take.