When I Look At You

When I look at you…

I see the future laid out in front of me.

I see a smile that warms my whole body up

coming home from work on a cold winter day.

I see heads thrown back in laughter

as we make dinner in our tiny kitchen together.

I see adventure after adventure

as we explore the cast world around us.

I see someone who is thoughtful, caring,

and willing to listen to the shenanigans of my life.

I see the father of my future children

who will be gentle, loving, and patient.

I see the dad who will be fun and energetic

and give them endless childhood memories.

I see a hard worker who never gives up

and is willing to face all of life’s challenges.

I see us celebrating life’s biggest moments

together hand in hand.

I see you teasing me with grey hair as we

rock on our front porch for endless hours.

I see someone who is ready to live life

to the fullest until the very end.

I see everything you will be

and hope that it will be with me.

When I look at you…. I don’t see just you.

I see my best friend.


Put it in Words

I will never be able to find

a word that is enchanting enough

to describe how enamored I am

with you and only you, my dearest.

No one will ever compete with the

heart of pure gold beating in your chest.

Who else is charming enough to be

beloved by women of all ages

(with patience and kindness of your sort,

it’s no wonder elderly love you).

I’ll never encounter someone that

is more alluring than you my love

You entirely fascinate me

with the utterly intriguing life

that you have embraced thus far, my dear.

I am proud to be in the presence

of the most remarkable, caring.

spectacular, outstanding

humans this planet we call home.

I just wish I could put it in words.


As the wind rustles through the leaves

and the moonlight up the sky,

a thousand crickets fill the air

in this world around you and I.


The ocean’s waves are soft and faint,

somewhere grass crunches under distant feet,

but the world’s wonderous beauty muted

when two souls finally greet.


Thousands of creatures whisper past;

billions of the brightest stars shine

and all I can do is look at you

Because in this moment I know you are mine

My Universe

I could say I love you to the moon and back,

but that is simply not enough.

My love for you expands the whole universe

because not matter how many galaxies I imagine,

I can never create one where

I don’t find my world

revolving around you.

You will for ever be the center of my universe,

the light and warmth I cannot live without

and the one who makes my world go round.

Little Does She Know

Little does she know

that he loves that soft pink glow

her cheeks get when he compliments her.


Little does she know

that his heart beats faster

when her lips curve into that smile.


Little does she know

that he swears he could gaze

into her ocean blue eyes for eternity.


Little does she know

that his whole day brightens

every time he hears that laugh.


Little does she know

as she turns her head away

he wants to be with her

every single wonderful day.




I’m a hopeless romantic,

empahsis on the hopeless.

I’d like to say I’m more

on the romantic side,

but who would be there

to confirm my alibi?

No one, like always.

So all those dreams

and hidden smiles

and contained laughs

and audible sighs

will just have to wait

because who would be there

to enjoy what I have to

offer to the world?

No one, like always.