The Only Thing I’m Good For

Sometimes it feels like

The only thing I’m good for

Is a warm body.


Is that all I am?

Am I not worth more than sex?

Can’t I offer more?


I am a person.

I have feelings and a heart.

I want to feel love.


My Drug


It’s my drug

and I’m addicted.

It is my only escape.

I need it.

I can get it,

With just the wave of my hand.

Just a touch,

That isn’t special

Is what I need to stay alive.

I use it.

I abuse it.

It’s how I’ve learned to survive.

Sex is my weapon

Of protection

That I use to forget.


And the flashbacks

Are temporarily forgotten.

The release

Is the relief

My tortured mind needs.

I’m broken.

Can’t be saved.

My drug is keeping me alive.