Most Lonely Feeling of All

This time of year is always hard for me.

I see everyone around me in love

and more than anything I wish I could be.

I can’t even walk in a Walmart for

at least another two weeks, minimum,

because to see all of those shelves full of

trinkets that to show how much you care

remind me how little no one in my life does.

I’m not saying that a $5 stuffed animal

or a stale heart box of chocolates

measures how much some one loves you,

but when you have none of those things,

it makes it glaringly obvious to all

that I have not a person in my life

that was even willing to give it a try

and that it the most lonely feeling of all.


I Would Be an Amazing Girlfriend

I would be amazing girlfriend.

I would always ask about your day.

I would inquire about your family.

I would send you memes when you need a laugh.

I would have a shoulder when you need to vent.

I would bake you cookies to make you smile.

I would take care of you when you are sick.

I would squeeze your hand for gentle encouragement.

I would hold you hand on walks in the park

I would light up every time I see you.

I would get your family to love me too.

I would kiss you goodnight and goodbye in the mornings.

I would flirt and banter until all hours of the night.

I would sometimes know where we should go out to eat.

I would have great ideas about cute dates.

I would love you until the end of time.

I would be everything you could ever dream of.

I would be an amazing girlfriend….

but no one will give me the chance.


I’m a hopeless romantic,

empahsis on the hopeless.

I’d like to say I’m more

on the romantic side,

but who would be there

to confirm my alibi?

No one, like always.

So all those dreams

and hidden smiles

and contained laughs

and audible sighs

will just have to wait

because who would be there

to enjoy what I have to

offer to the world?

No one, like always.



It makes my heart so sad

to hear all these girls talk

about what they want

(and will probably get)

for valentines day.

They want flowers

and cards

and chocolates

and candies

and teddy bears

and big gestures

and I am insanely jealous.

Not of the things they’ll get,

because stupid trinkets

from an aisle at Walmart

don’t interest me.

I envy their status;

their position;

the fact that they are

in a place where they can

have and set expectations

such as these meaningless items

because all I want

are three short words

but I will never hear them.

Instead, I’ll get three different words instead:

you’re not enough.


And I never will be.

Holiday Feels

Nothing quite brings out the “Holiday Feels”

like being the only single one at the table.

Nothing reminds me of the hurt

filling my empty heart

like seeing the love and joy that fills many others.

Nothing brings me such pain

as dreaded questions and comments like

“Why didn’t you bring someone?” or

“Oh, well there’s always next year”.

Nothing brings me such envy

as seeing kisses and tenderness

that I can only imagine in dreams

Nothing brings me the “Holiday Feels”

like being subjected to time with family.

Alone for the Holiday

Alone, yet again

for another holiday.

Me myself and I

will be present Christmas day.

No one to snuggle

and kiss under mistletoe.

No one to bring home

There’s no one to want to go.

Alone, yet again

No reason for me to brag.

To Christmas dinner

My parents will have to drag.

I love Christmas time,

but it gets harder each year.

No one to love me,

Kills all of my Christmas cheer.


Love is Taken for Granted

Love is taken for granted.

People just don’t understand

How fortunate they are now

To hold one another’s hand.

Some people aren’t that lucky.

Not everyone has that chance.

It’s hard to find a soul mate.

It is hard to find romance.


Love is taken for granted.

People don’t always see

That nothing lasts forever-

Love leaves just as easily.

Easy come and easy go,

Heartbroken and alone.

What you then took for granted

Has turned your heart to stone.


Love is taken for granted.

People don’t always know

How easy it would be for

a person to just let go.

Remember every joy;

Every moment that you make.

Love isn’t always given

But someone will always take.