Dull Gray

The snow drifts down from clouds of  dull gray,

but they’re not as gray as I feel today.

It’s frigid cold and I can’t feel my thumb,

but it can’t chill me. I’m already numb.

The flakes wander down in an unclear path,

Like me, while struggling through the aftermath.

When they reach the ground, they melt to their end.

There is nothing left for them; don’t pretend.

I too am at the end of my journey.

Do not save me; I don’t want a gurney.


It’s “Spring”

So when does this whole spring thing start?

Last time I checked it was April

and April is considered spring,

so what is with this cold white stuff

that is continueing to fall

from the sky despite the season?

I’m done with winter. Bring me sun.

I want to see rain showers soon.

I want to see flowers appear.

I want to see the school year end,

or at least hope that it is soon.

This Ohio weather kills me.

Let me wear sandals already.

I’m done with your shit Ohio.

Let’s just get this show on the road

and let’s stop playing weather games.

It’s spring. Start acting like it….NOW!!

Small Blizzard


There’s nothing like an

eleven hour

drive through the mountains

through a small blizzard

to make you question

all your life choices.

It was difficult.

It was a struggle.

This “short” little drive

mentally broke me,

and yet I made it.

I made it to the

good part; the bright side.

It got much better.

Life is a blizzard

and I hope this one

dissipates as well.

I want the good part;

the end of the storm.

I’m finally happy.

I want this feeling

to last for awhile.