Holiday Feels

Nothing quite brings out the “Holiday Feels”

like being the only single one at the table.

Nothing reminds me of the hurt

filling my empty heart

like seeing the love and joy that fills many others.

Nothing brings me such pain

as dreaded questions and comments like

“Why didn’t you bring someone?” or

“Oh, well there’s always next year”.

Nothing brings me such envy

as seeing kisses and tenderness

that I can only imagine in dreams

Nothing brings me the “Holiday Feels”

like being subjected to time with family.

Just Keep Swimming

They say to go with the flow

so I just keep swimming.

They say it’ll get better,

so I just keep swimming.

They say the best is yet to come

so I just keep swimming.

They say to stay positive

so I just keep swimming.

They say I’ll get everything I’ve ever wanted

so to just keep swimming,

but the truth is I am so tired.

I’m tired of swimming

and keeping my head afloat.

I’m tired after years swimming,

chasing something I can never have.

They ask what I’m going to do about it?

I don’t have an answer

or the guts to even try something new

so I just keep swimming.

No one

“It’s just a joke. It’s a game”

I say to hide my shame.

No one takes me serious.


“I was kidding, didn’t mean it”

I say to them to deny it.

No one realizes I struggle.


“I’m sorry I was offensive”

I say when I’m defensive.

No one can see my battles.


” I’ll just stop talking now,”

I say to try to describe how

I feel, because no one understands.