Hi there!

Are any of you guys also Wattpad users? I’m curious to know. I have an account on there with several books I’ve written over the years and some of my very early poetry.  Some of it is not very good because my grammar was atrocious in high school, but I’m slowly going through it and revising it.

Anywho, I’m bringing this up because I recently entered a writing competition on the app and could use some more votes. If anyone is interested in helping me out or even just checking it out let me know. You guys are wonderfully supportive of my writing on here and I would love it if that support could transfer to my novel writing as well. Thank you.

Please Support Us and The March of Dimes

Hi everyone!  I’m not one to usually make posts like this but today it is of importance.


Tonight my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma – Alpha Beta Chapter, is having our annual philanthropy event Tri Sigma Night Live to benefit the Tri Sigma Foundation. The tri sigma foundation splits all proceeds between three amazing causes: The March of Dimes, The Robbie Page Memorial ( play therapy provided in hospitals for sick children) and scholarships for young women. A majority of the proceeds go towards the March of Dimes.  Our event starts in three hours and we are still short of meeting our goal. It would mean a lot if any of you would consider making a small donation to our cause. We’re trying to get our status back as the highest fundraising chapter in the nation.

Any little bit helps. Do it for the sick little babies!


Thank you!