All I Could Think of Was You

Even at my sickest point,’

laying on the lifeless,

uncomfortable hospital bed

all I could think of was you.

Even with the iv

dripping the cold fluid

into my veins for hours,

all I could think. of was you.

Even with the medications

and the never ending tests

to try and fix my illness,

all I could think of was you.

Because I knew that

through all the pain

that if you had been here,

you would have made me laugh.


You Are

You are the singular ray

of sunshine that never fails

to brighten my long day.

You are the special something

that gives me a new hope

the day had forgotten to bring.

You are the joy that fills

the tiny crevices between

the living done between thrills.

You are the final part

that completes my stories

and satisfies my beating heart.

You are exactly what I need

and satisfy my soul better

than the ending to any book I read.

You are the greatest thing

to ever happen to me, by far.

Thanks for the happiness you bring

I Wish the World Could See

I wish the world could see

your compassionate side;

how tender you are

with those you care for.

I wish the world could see

just how kind-hearted you are

when your gentle, caring soul

radiates empathy and understanding.

I wish the world could see

how much it could grow

under the supportive and

nurturing hands like yours.

I wish the world could see

just what a precious gem

you truly are.

I know I do.

The World Around Us

Talking to you feels like the world around us stops,

just our two voices and the sound of fat raindrops

punctuating the pauses between our laughter

and the flirting that brings the smiles I’m after.

It feels as though we are the only people in the room.

Everything disappears until we want it to resume.

But in that moment all I can see if you,

the rest of this place is out of view.

How can I look anywhere else when across from me

is the whole reason I came all the way to Tennessee?

Great Smoky Mountains?Rivers? Trees? The views?

They aren’t the wonders of the world I’d choose

When my heart is beating, almost out of my chest.

Of all the joys of nature, I like you the best.

Nothing on the mountain could ever compete

to the man right here, affectionate and sweet.

When I’m with you, the world around us stops.

Our time together is sweeter than lemon-drops

and that is just how I like it.

What I Love About You

What I love about you is

your strong but gentle hands

your welcoming heart

your  ceaseless faith

your contagious smile

your infectious laugh

your kind words

your thoughtful actions

your love of life

your adventurous side

your passion and your drive

your optimistic outlook

and your compassion for everyone

just to name a few.


When I Look At You

When I look at you…

I see the future laid out in front of me.

I see a smile that warms my whole body up

coming home from work on a cold winter day.

I see heads thrown back in laughter

as we make dinner in our tiny kitchen together.

I see adventure after adventure

as we explore the cast world around us.

I see someone who is thoughtful, caring,

and willing to listen to the shenanigans of my life.

I see the father of my future children

who will be gentle, loving, and patient.

I see the dad who will be fun and energetic

and give them endless childhood memories.

I see a hard worker who never gives up

and is willing to face all of life’s challenges.

I see us celebrating life’s biggest moments

together hand in hand.

I see you teasing me with grey hair as we

rock on our front porch for endless hours.

I see someone who is ready to live life

to the fullest until the very end.

I see everything you will be

and hope that it will be with me.

When I look at you…. I don’t see just you.

I see my best friend.