Birthday Wishes

Did you know that On my birthday,,

for the last nine years straight

I’ve wished for the same thing?

It’s the one thing I want,

more than anything else in the world

and I can’t have it.

But at least on my birthday,

I can feel a little extra magical

and have faith that maybe this year

it will be different.

This year, it’ll happen.

This year, my dream will come true.

But I know it’s childish to think

that blowing out a candle

can make dreams come true.

But I have to hope.

It feels like the only chance I have/

I Wish I Was Someone Worth Loving

I wish I was someone worth loving.

I wish I had goals and ambition

and a desire for a career

like women of this society are

expected to want to want these days,

but I don’t.


I wish I looked the way that

boy want me to look

so that I could be someone worth loving,

that I could be thin with big boobs

and a natural blonde with a pleasing face,

but I’m not.


I wish I had something to offer the world

so that I could be someone worth loving;

maybe a skill or talent,

or even money to give the less fortunate,

or time or influence or anything really,\

but I don’t.


I wish I could be someone worth loving

so that maybe I could stop hating myself.

I Wish

I wish I was pretty

I wish I was thinner.

I wish I had the body that boys go for.

I wish I didn’t have stretch marks.

I wish for a flat tummy.

I wish I didn’t hate myself when I look in a mirror.

I wish for a boyfriend.

I wish for someone to love me.

I wish I’d stop getting hurt.