Look at the Horizon!

Can’t you see it?

The future we could have together

If only we let it catch up to us.

We are standing still,

as the sun rises in the sky

bringing us closer, closer

to the potential we have been avoiding.

Just when the sun is about to reach it’s peak

and we are about to bring everything into the light,

you get cold feet and run opposite,

trying to stay a few steps ahead

until the sun fades away

and you return to me at the end of the day.

The horizon greets us each day.

It is inevitable.

The sun must rise everyday.

It Is inevitable.

The sun will eventually catch us.

It is inevitable.

So let’s let it show us

all we are meant to be.

We cannot avoid the truth forever.

We are inevitable.


My Sun

He is my sun,

rising on the horizon

promising me a new day

and a bright future

that I can only imagine

as it gets closer

with each passing second.

He warms my skin

as I warm to the thought

of the forever he promises to me.

And just when I accept

this is exactly what I want,

the sun sets on my dreams,

leaving consumed by the dark

left to wonder if I

imagined the whole thing

Until he rises again in the morning

and the process repeats.

I never get any closer,

always left hungering for more.

But just because I can’t catch hold

of the sweet nothings he promises me,

doesn’t mean I am not left

with a nasty burn

after a long day of chasing.