Is it Because?

Why aren’t I enough?

Is it because my elbows are too dry

or because my fingers are too short?

Is it the minor scar above my right eye

or because my acne rivals a high schooler?

Is because little toe is double-jointed?

or because my feet are as cracked as fresh brownies?

Is it because of the minor overbite

or that my lips chap no matter how often I reapply?

Is it that my belly button is an innie?

or that the rest of my belly is an outie?

Is it because I forgot to shave the back of my knees

or because I’m too insecure to get a wax?

Is it because I have the dreaded cankles

or because I dare to wear shorts in public?

Is it because I have stretch marks

or is it because my tan marks reflect my confidence that day?

Is it because my boobs might actually be too big

or because they get in the way when I hug?

Is It because I took the time to make al list

or because I’m still not good enough?

How Can I Help?

How can I help you

when I cannot help myself?

I don’t mean to enable you,

but I do.

I don’t mean to encourage you,

but I do.

I don’t want to ignore your bad habits,

but I do.

I don’t want you to use me,

but I do.

I see all your issues

lying out in front of me,

looking me in the eye,

but I cannot stop them

when I don’t have the energy

to face my very own.

I’m a mess,

but you are too.

How can I help you

when I cannot help myself?

Wish You Were Here

Wish you were here

so we could kick our feet up

after a long day of work

and share our war stories.

Wish you were here

to share meals with

because your company

is superior to Netflix.

Wish you were here

to drink some coffee

so I do waste almost

an entire good pot.

Wish you were here

to remind me it’s okay

to feel stressed and defeated

at the end of the day.

Wish you were here

so we can spend time

decompressing with

card games and walks.

Wish you were here

so I could see you smile

and the way your face light up

when you laugh.

Wish you were here

so I could hug you

and more importantly,

so I wouldn’t have to miss you.

Can’t Change It

They say if you don’t like the life you’re living, change it,

but what you can’t?

What if you put all your energy

into overcoming obstacles that make you miserable,

but you still can’t change your life

because it’s out of your control?

If you don’t like your job, they say find a new one.

You can spend hours dropping resumes

and filling out applications.

You can even go on dozens of interviews,

but you can’t make someone hire you.

You can stay optimistic,

but it only lasts for so long

before rejection letters start to feel personal

and you suffocate from failing to be enough.

I don’t like the life I’m living,

but nothing it’s out of my power to change it.