A Balloon

I feel like a balloon released to the wind,

soaring, floating- I’m surviving on my own.

I see the world below me,

and all the wonders and happiness around me.

I wonder If I will find the ground again

and find that happiness too.

But at times, I feel out of control.

The wind moves me, I go along

thinking there are so many things to see

but It feels like I am reaching new heights

higher, higher and further from the dream below.

I want to be grounded.

I want to be tethered to something in this world

that gives my existence a purpose.

I’m too high now. No one can reach my string

and pull me back to earth.

So I’ll keep floating until I pop from

too many changes in atmospheric pressure

and when I finally return to the ground,

all that will be left is broken remains.

The Wise Oak Tree

The boy sat under his favorite wide oak

on a summer day full of August sunshine.

As he leaned against the firm, solid trunk

that had always been there for him, he sighed.

” I love summer. It’s everything I want, nothing I don’t.

The hot sunny days, the warm sand in my toes,

the shady leaves, and sweet summer treats.

I hope nothing ever changes. I am happy here.”

“Ah, but change is coming” whispered the wise oak.

Startled, the boy began to rise, but sunk back to his spot.

“No way. I like things just the way they are.”

The wise oak responded “I never said you didn’t.

But the truth of the matter is change is inevitable.

Autumn must come. Fight it or embrace it, that is your choice.”

The boy argued. ” I won’t give up my comforts.

I love my warm days and sweet ice cream.

I love beach days and shady trees.

You are all I need. Let’s stay just as we are.”

“But young man, I cannot,” The wise oak said firm.

” I must change. Autumn will happen.

As I grow older, I must move forward.

While you may enjoy my shady leaves now,

they will soon be changing color.

Of course, you’re welcome to stay

right where you are, but you will be buried in

decaying memories of the past.

I’d rather look forward to the vibrant colors

I will produce soon and I invite you to

embrace them with me.

We can be beautiful together

or you can live in ignorance in denial,

but either way change is coming.

Will you be coming too?”

The Worst Part

Sometimes the worst part about being depressed

isn’t not having the energy to get out of bed for two days

or realizing you haven’t eatten a real meal in 3

or resorting to bad habits and addictions

or considering unhealthy habits that will only hurt you

or finding a dozen more reasons to hate yourself.

Sometimes. it’s wanting to tell the person you trust most

and not being able to for fear of being ignored again.