Who Knows?

You don’t know what it feels like

To be left in the dark,

Left without the answers

You so desperately need.

Does he know?

Does he care?

Is he scared?

Who knows?

He’ll never say a word,

Leaving me here to wonder,

When will reality fall apart?

When will I have to face the truth,

That there’ll never be an Us?

Does he know and not say?

Does he not care to save my feelings?

Is he too scared to confront me?

Too many years between us

Would probably fall apart.

I mean nothing.

Forgotten in his glory.

All I’ll ever be is a memory.

You can’t know how that feels

To just be some girl

He won’t remember 5 months from now.


What is Love?

What is love?

It’s nothing more than a foreign myth to me.

It’s a sugar that my lips have never tasted;

A high my heart has never felt.

How am I to know what makes a heartbeat?

The time fly?

The world go round?

I don’t even know the way it feels to be loved by someone.

The only love I know is that of a child’s toy.

A child who grew too old for that toy,

And then tossed it into a corner to be forgotten.

Is that what love is?

I feel like it should be so much more.

But how am I to know?

I am nothing but a bystander

Standing still

Watching a world of love go on around me.

I wish to-

I want to participate,

But how can I?

I may not know love,

But I know it’s something I can’t do myself:

It takes two.