I’ve Given Up

I’ve given up on what I really wanted
And now I feel so empty.
It’s like I’ve lost a part of me.
I am internally haunted.
I’ve given up all my hope.
I will no longer be trying.
I need to stop my crying
I need to learn to cope.
I’ve given up my heart.
All I feel is it’s empty hole.
I feel like I’ve lost my soul
Yet I’m barely falling a part.
I’ve given up on love.
Alone, I’m meant to be.
There is no one for me.
There’s no such thing as truelove.


One thought on “I’ve Given Up

  1. Untill you find,
    the drug that will heal your wounds,
    fix the puzzle like pieces of your broken heart,
    every ying has a yang,
    with a contra,
    there is someone for you,
    Patience is what it takes,
    untill you find 🙂

    Dont give up ! 🙂
    Have faith and patience.
    Life has a different plan for you.


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