My Universe

I could say I love you to the moon and back,

but that is simply not enough.

My love for you expands the whole universe

because not matter how many galaxies I imagine,

I can never create one where

I don’t find my world

revolving around you.

You will for ever be the center of my universe,

the light and warmth I cannot live without

and the one who makes my world go round.


Mind Games

Mind Games

You whisper to me

trying to get me to lose

the little focus I have

on what I’m doing

when I’m with you.


Mind Games

you play with me

starring me down

trying to get in my head

not knowing that you

have always been there.


Mind Games

you use on me

to distract me from winning

a simple card game

when what I want to win

is the whole game of life.

Check and a Mate?

At least in chess there is a time limit

on how long you have to make a move.

I fully understand every decision

leads to a different result and ending

and I have no intentions of rushing

your strategy or our little game.

But I can’t begin to figure out

what I should do next

until you make up your mind first.

Don’t let the clock time out.

108 Times

Imagine with me a world

where I maybe get married by 35-

that’s nine more years away.

That’s 108 rent payments I make

by myself.

That’s 108 more times I have a panic attack

when I see the electric bill.

Or the gas bill.

Or the water bill.

Or remember I have a car payment.

Being single is just expensive

and I don’t think I can make it.

I’m Dreaming of a Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Christmas

Hopefully not too far into the distant future

The last batch of cookies is out from the oven.

Filling the air with cinnamon and sugar delights

Jazzy Christmas music is playing over the radio

adding warmth and joy to my home.

He starts a fire in our new fireplace

that reflects off our stockings hung with care

next to each others for the first time.

The last of the gifts have been wrapped

and placed under the tree covered

in ornaments from our lives past and present.

I sit down on the couch beside him

with my favorite glass of wine in hand

and sigh with relief that I finally made it.

This is the life I always dreamed of.

Christmas at last with the one I love.

Maybe someday…