What If

What if

tonight is the last time that I

go to sleeping wondering

if there’ll ever be an us?

What if

this is the last time that I

wonder if you actually have feelings

for me and overthink everything?

What if

this is the last time that I

fall asleep dreaming about what

it would be like to kiss your lips?

What if

this is the last time that I

have to write cryptic poems

about falling in love with you?

What if

this is the last time that I

have to imagine what it will be like

to finally be your girlfriend?


A Word

A word-

So much power in just 6 spaces.

Your mouth and brain

are consumed by a vocabulary

with as many choices as

stars in the sky on a clear night.

A word

communicates your ideas clearly

and also leaves the water as murky

as Lake Erie crashing against shore-

creating worries and caution observing

what is obscuring you view.

A word

has many synonyms

that would instigate a large variety

of feeling within another human.

Yet you chose to use that one

knowing it would hurt me the most.

Nights Like These

It’s nights like these

when I can’t sleep

because I can’t stop

thinking about you

that I wonder if it

happens to you?

Do you lie awake

on nights like these

thinking of

every time that I

made you smile?

Do recall every time

I made you laugh?

Do you wonder if

I’m dreaming of you?

Are you, like me,

spending nights like these

tossing and turning

in a lonely bed

trying to remember

the comfort of

laying next to each other?

On nights like these,

you’re all I think about

and I can’t help but hope

that somewhere out there,

you’re thinking of me too.


There are so many things

I wish I could say but I can’t

so I’m forced to type them

and confine all my kind thoughts

to a 13 by 8 inch screen

for just a few dozen people

to glance upon.

Oh, what a shame that is.

Because how do I portray to the world

the light that is emitted each time you smile?

Or the way the world grows brighter

with every one of your laughs?

Or that life with you introduces

more colors that the human mind

can comprehend?

It’s simple.

I can’t

and what an injustice that is.