Fifty Foot Cliff

I’m standing at the edge

of a fifty foot cliff.

You seem to think I’ll fly,

But I will only fall.

You can just keep wishing

But you can’t change the facts.

Even with that knowledge,

You choose to ignore it.

You gently nudge me on,

Keep pushing me forward.

You have good intention,

But I wish you’d just stop.


Put everything I have

to keep my feet on ground.

You think you know better,

Than what I keep saying.

I’m not going to fly!

Why won’t you just listen?

I told you this won’t work.

It’s a guaranteed fail.

*I hope you like my metaphor. Surely someone else can also find something else in their life that compares to this. Like maybe a parent pushing you try something. Or a friend trying to push you into a relationship. something like that* 

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