Pure Stone

*this is a poem I wrote during high school. Unfortunately, it’s still pretty relatable for me.*


The depression inside won’t leave

Death will not come, so I still breathe.

I am weak; I don’t wish to fight.

On the inside, nothing is right.

Heart is so broken; life is bleak

Don’t know if I’ll make it a week.

It seems every night grows longer.

The pain within me grows stronger.

At night all I can do is cry.

Every day I just live a lie.

I can’t fake anymore smiles.

I cannot run any more miles.

Can’t live another day alone

Wish my heart was made of pure stone.

With no more feelings of distress

And nothing left to confess


12 thoughts on “Pure Stone

  1. Sorry you’re still feeling this way – it sure is a hard road sometimes isn’t it? It’s a difficult poem to read as no-one in their right mind likes the thought of other people suffering but I guess poetry is supposed to make you feel something and this does. Best wishes, G.

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