7 thoughts on “Quit

  1. Maybe fight and be strong for the world out of that shitty shit is waiting to be lived the way you want it to ? Maybe it’s waiting for you to emerge more stronger than ever after conquering that shit ?


  2. “[N]othing like breathing your last to put new life in you” – Samuel Beckett

    Now, ironic as he may have been there, if anyone knew something about it, he sure did…it isnt easy, dear, nor has it ever been, nor shall it ever be, to each age its own, as to each of us, the reality is: we will often be tired, discouraged, & feeling as if done…for a number of us metaphorically, sadly for so many more physically as well & in inconceivably horrific ways…seek family (if you are blessed enough to have them), seek friends, seek sky, seek colors, seek blooms, seek breath, seek slow —

    All light & peace & ever,

    Alexander Booth

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