Waiting to be Noticed

Most of my days

consist of me,

sitting around,

waiting to be



I watch and wait

for someone to

see me struggle,

but no one sees

me drown.


I scream for help

and wave a flag,

but somehow I’m

still forgotten;



I’m dead inside

and soon to be

outside but yet

no one seems to

care much.



15 thoughts on “Waiting to be Noticed

  1. For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying reading your work even though some of it is tough to read as your clearly not as happy as you could be. So, I guess I’m noticing you. Best wishes x

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      1. Every day… I wonder if it gets easier. Don’t know that it does. But what I do know, is that writing is my oasis, and provides a moment of peace and satisfaction for me at the end of each day. Guess I can’t quit my day job, but this writing thing is so much more meaningful at times. Even if it’s just for me.

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  2. I have never contemplated suicide. Even in my lowest places. I think I’m incredibly lucky to be able to say that. I’ve known those that have, I’ve lost people to their successful execution of a plan. People will tell you the only person that can solve your issues is you and to an extent I think that’s true, but support and love go a long way to holding you up while you work out how the hell to do just that.


    You are noticed.

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  3. :((( This reminds me not just of something that I am probably most people have experienced but also of a book called The Love Me Bird (https://www.amazon.com/Love-Me-Bird-Joyce-Dunbar/dp/0439474310 ). In which a bird is singing and wants to be noticed (loved) for many pages singing its song of “Love Me”. The thing is, that just as we can’t tickle ourselves, there’s nothing that we ourselves can do about our own loneliness other than try to do something about the loneliness of others (and there’s a lot of it to go around, especially among the elderly and in any way disabled). By the end of the book the bird is not singing the song of the owl which is “Who Who” will notice me, not singing, “Love Me”, but singing “Love You, Love You” to which the bird receives the reply she/he awaited. I’ve noticed your cry and have experienced too that feeling of being dead inside, and the trees look dead now too, but it’s spring, and I hope your inner and outer life will blossom as they soon will.

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  4. You are beautiful and have been successful in finding a forum where you are appropriately noticed!! Loneliness is a difficult plight. We all experience it and most people are good at faking or going to ridiculous lengths to avoid or cover it. It takes a huge amount of maturity to understand and embrace it. The Lord is crazy about you. You thrill and delight His heart and you are never really alone because He is always with you.

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